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" Once again, I feared happened, no other girl finished sudden headache again up, almost too uncomfortable to squat down. I go to the supermarket to buy a New Year, it saw a pile of building rubble squatting on the roadside under the cold with a cold, super poor. It seems there is a determined fact, the girl's mind a block of eraser - she had amnesia. I froze for a long time and carefully asked: "? I ask, is not need help. I just rummage about body stuff, except for a few coins are not, as if identity cards are not." Get rid of the head bandage, wound in touch pull pull, the blood really flooded out from the wound. wholesale cheap jerseys reviews Day weather is chill, floating thin plush snow, families are happy in their own New Year atmosphere enjoyable." "Oh," the girl stood up behind me, I did not pay attention, turned directly back to the study, the medicine chest of a release, and shoved. You get this wrong" She knows I'm single. wholesale cheap jerseys nfl Blood was soon stopped, Otani methods are useful.

she turned and saw a behind horrified. Can be identified - was a girl. Toilet sounded the sound of water, I suddenly felt myself busy in a dream: I married a seven fairies come home at the moment is preparing breakfast for my family lady. "You scared me, you!" I patted her breast, in shock. Since morning a little late, I like tempting boudoir Resentment woman on the couch himself from Similarities word: "nap woke up a careless rates, twisted-green bamboo mat spread cold rain waves strike Ping wind. wholesale cheap jerseys nfl index Blew his nose, because of her beauty, my voice trembling a little, "You - you caught what happened?" Girl sitting on the floor surrounded by his legs, as if the earth is only two legs that only rely on. I sat back in bed again, leisurely asked her: "? What's wrong with you body also" Maybe now do not worry to ask her name with history, because even if she answered, a stranger, who did not dare ensure that she said would be the truth." "No, just casually ask, is afraid one day she come to your house, and I will always be happy where she is, you do not know every girl jealous badly. Having raised his head and looked at me to pray, and then pray with the tone of prayer, said: "? Can you go to the hospital.

I flipped through the snow came back to buy things, and finally did not speak. The cashier is very profound meaning smile, whispered: "? House guests," I did not answer, hurriedly got money, they flew out of the bag in one hand with supermarkets, lined up behind Aunt sound immediately after another, it seems a few days these women gossip, and I am honored to have the list of the possible. I kept thinking saliva flow out faster, and then I wrote at a rub fantasy, grew more and more unrealistic, I pinch straining his face. "I vaguely remember a man, like the whole night there ." "Thank you, I really like -! This is my favorite style. Now, I would think it is only a spiritual puppy, it seems to me everything. I'm pushing a bicycle, hands and feet still light out of the cell. But still do not worry, I now sell this cash amateur therapy mean bloodshed bloodshed, so I propose: "? Or, go to the hospital to see it.

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