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" I direct export. "Dead stuff! Dare you come to my house!" Grandma suddenly behind me shouted it, immediately, put something to throw something in the past, the grandmother threw Fengxia be hit, 'Ow' ! On coping scream suddenly he disappeared, leaving only a pool of water damage." His face suddenly some panic, shook his head "No, really bad, sister, I go first!" Then he turned around and have to run." But she did not see it, I still remember her grandmother sitting in a wicker chair on the promise I made to see the scene of dollars it. When she was finished on the incense, I could not help but mouth asks, "Basking, how after you have just smoked a cigarette at all like you, ah." I do not know why my heart a bit uncomfortable, no longer speak, grandma next took my hand, "Jiao Long ah, if you want to seat tricycle grandmother brought back seat when ah." Elevator rise of the moment, I feel limp and direct hugged her grandmother: "This move !! basking!" Soul sister laughed: "Jojo, this is the elevator, we stand there, it will give us upstairs, you see, this number is rising it. " Xu Gang nodded "keep doing ah, ah aunt horse, you say I learned last dim, not have to come back ah farming, and now even his own son could not have raised, I still a man you! " "If you feel like a man to rush to work! I can not believe you work out your son can not come back!" Grandma said loudly, his eyes swept away in the home of Kang Dong Xu Gang saw that one pair of ladies' shoes, direct He picked up "this is not Fengxia shoes.

" I shook my head "Nothing ah, but we hell, grandmother, and he could see! He seems to be afraid, but I hear your words uttered, that thing was gone, a kid's." Close the door, and my father can not help looking at the export grandmother asked. wholesale jerseys nhl " "No, ah, what is called ah. My grandfather came in from the yard, watching the grandmother, "the old woman, you are ready for something, it is necessary to go to the provincial capital with Jiao Long ah. wholesale jerseys nfl nike " Said a direct hand in the past to get on. Who knows that I turned around, "OMG!" Sound, scared almost did not pop out of the heart from the chest inside." I stared do not know what to say, hemp body of death, the villagers have to hear me say a snake looked at his feet, then looked at me, "Johnson dragon ah, how the snake ah.

" "When given ah." "Wait a minute." Dad behind me shouted, then walked up to me, "Mom, you come back ah, Jojo, this is your milk ah, your hands yet, called Grandma. wholesale jerseys nike checkout " Yun also next to the heart should channel. About see some dirty things, stuff grandmother called general, or below, do not say 'ghost' because Grandma said that word unlucky, not intentional to say, they will hear, especially at night, perhaps to be a dream scare you because they know you're scared, especially those things bully. wholesale jerseys nike nfl " Carter, crying baby cough twice, started out of his mouth spits, spits the father anxious and tried to will hold the child "OK, ah go to the hospital to allow doctors to see this morning how a discharge back on the case yet.

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